Free DIY Wooden Airplane Plans

Airplane Plans

Toy and Wood Plane Plans - Model Airplane Plans

Who needs a commercial kit when there are free airplane plans to build a great wooden model airplane that kids and grownups alike will love? Choose from a biplane, P-40, Corsair or helicopter plan and spend an afternoon or weekend building a fun project with the family.

Using simple tools and scrap lumber, everyone can help with sanding and painting for the little ones, while older children can learn to use saws and power tools.

There is even a pull-toy airplane for toddlers or a pint-sized helicopter with moving rotors.

Some free airplane plans, such as the U.S Navy Corsair, require a lath for turning the body and a bandsaw for cutting the wings. Other plans use basic tools and can be painted with non-toxic paints or stained for a beautiful wood finish.


Biplane Plans from CraftsmanSpace

Boys and girls both love to play with toy planes and this biplane is no exception. Use these free airplane plans to build in just a few hours time.


BiPlane Plans

This airplane is relatively simple to build. Kids will have hours of fun playing with this awesome biplane.

Small Biplane

DIY Small Biplane Plans

Here is a perfect biplane project to build with the little woodworker in your family as it is easy and fun to assemble.