Arbor Plans to Build

Arbor Plans to Build

Make an impressive entrance with an arbor. Choose from a wide selection of arbor plans including easy arbors, arbors with a seat and a pitched rafter arbor.

Step-by-step Easy Arbor

Easy Arbor

You can easily build this arbor in a single afternoon using pieces from a home improvement store.
A Pitched Rafter Arbor

Pitched Rafter Arbor

This arbor has traditional styling with a pitched rafter, lovely lattice work and gives any yard added interest.
Weekend Arbor Cutting Diagrams

Arbor Cutting Diagrams

Here are cutting diagrams only for an arbor with an added bench seat.


This is a cool looking arbor with double doors that will greet everyone that walks into your garden.
Outdoor Gate

Outdoor Gate

Build a gate inside an arbor with these easy to follow instructions for an outdoor gate.
Swing Arbor

A Swing Arbor

This is a swing arbor for two, costs around $100.00 to complete and only takes a weekend to build.