Brick Barbecue Plans

Build your own brick barbecue with free plans. Also plans for barbecue pits.

Brick barbecues are usually made with a lot more grilling space than your standard sized grill, so they are great for cooking for outdoor parties. Also, they are very durable and weather resistant.

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Simple Project Steps for Building a Fire Pit

1. Pick the building spot and dig a trench around the edge. A good size for a fire pit is about 4 feet in diameter.
2. Add some gravel in the trench and pack the gravel down firmly.
3. Now you're ready to build the brick wall. Look at one of the plans above for correctly laying the bricks.
4. After the wall is built, it's time add a cap to the top of the wall.
5. For safety, keep some water close by and buy a mesh fire cover to help control the flames.

Fire Pit

Fire Pit Plans

Step by step instructions along with pictures to help you build a great fire pit for your backyard. From laying out the bricks to creating a trench to capping the blocks, this project should take about one weekend.
Installing a Fire Pit

A Stone Fire Pit

With this project you can easily build an attractive stone fire pit for your yard. Simple steps include a materials and tools list for an above ground fire pit.
BBQ Plans

BBQ Plans

Here are plans only for a fireplace-styled barbecue grill and a picnic table from North Dakota State University. No instructions; just the drawings with dimensions.