Plans for Bird Houses

Free plans for bird houses including gourd bird houses, bluebird houses, and wren houses. You will find creative, unique designs and easy to follow directions for many different types of bird houses in the free plans listed below.

Bluebird House Plans

Simple Bluebird House Plan

Using very little money and time you can build a simple bluebird house with this plan.
Building a Basic Birdbox

A Basic Birdbox

This easy to make birdbox will attract birds such as wrens, swallows, chickadees and beautiful bluebirds too.
Bluebird Nesting Box Project Plan

Bluebird Nesting Box

Build a nesting box for bluebirds whose top opens for easy cleaning.
Teacup Birdhouse

A Teacup Birdhouse

This precious teacup birdhouse adds charm to your garden and can easily be built with these step-by-step instructions.
Coffee-Can Birdhouse

A Coffee-Can Birdhouse

Recycle those coffee cans by building this cute birdhouse with a shingled roof. Get the kids involved in this one .
Purple Martin Gourd Birdhouse

A Gourd Birdhouse

Instructions for a purple martin birdhouse constructed from a gourd. This birdhouse will give birds shelter for many years.