Free Boat Plans

Free boat plans listed by type including hydroplane plans, motor boat plans, scow plans, paddle and oar plans and miscellaneous boat plans.

Boat Plans

Canoe Plans

Strip-Built Baidarka Double Paddle Canoe
Touring Canoe A Sailing Canoe
Glide Easy


Boat Plans

Dinghy Plans

Dinghy 7" 10" Pram 2.6
Practical dinghy Apple Pie Dinghy
Dinghy 4.5 Wooden Dinghy
Micro Folding Dinghy


Boat Plans

Kayak Plans

Kayak Fun to Kayak
Kayak 13' Stitch-and-Tape Kayak
Stitch and Glue Kayak Plans Plans for Kayak
Sea Kayak


Boat Plans

Houseboat Plans

Platform Boat Float-A-Home
Coolwater Houseboat BayouBelle


Boat Plans

Sailboat Plans

SeaAngler Sea Babe
KAVALIER 800 Falcon 14'
Greafin 10' 4.2m Skiff
Pilgrim 590 Indonesian Trimaran
Breezy Baby 12' Sunapee
Puddle Duck Racer Dolphin
Falcon 14' SunFish
Eager Eve Sportsman
Sea Hawk HaPenny
Nancy Jane  


Boat Plans

Motor Boat Plans

Portable Boat 11' 8" Shore Lark 15'
Blitzen 11' 2" Maximus 12' 6"
Chum 15' 6" Fire Fly 15'
Meteor 12' 6" Sea Fury 15' 4"
Ace 12' 4" Sea Scout 14"
Panther 15' Victory 12', 14' or 16'
Buzz 11' 1" Playboy 13' 6"
PM-38 13' 9" Cobra 15'
Riveria 15' Swift Swoose 10'
Torpedo 13' 6" Blue Streak 11'


Boat Plans

Hydroplane Plans

Dragonfly 10' Air Marine 11' 9"
Cab-Over 14' DingBat
Banshee 10' 6" Skeeter
Atomite 10' 6" Doodle Bug 11'
Jet Joe Zipper
ElCid Flyer
Spitfire Hornet 11'
Sports Hydro Minimax 8'
Rocket Saucy Single
Yellow Jacket 8' Minimost 8'
Scat Cat 8' 7"


Boat Plans

Miscellaneous Boat Plans

Pontoon Boat Skiff
Flat Bottom Boat Fishing Boat
Duck Boat Easy to Follow Wooden Boat Plans
Jet Ski Plans A Traditional Scandinavian Punt
Skiff Plans A Simple Wooden Boat


Boat Plans

Scow Plans

Kids Scow Scow with Wheel


Boat Plans

Oar Plans and Paddle Plans

Double & Single Touring Paddles Simple Oars
Oar Plans Boat Paddles
Eskimo Style Paddles


Plans for Purchase
cabinet plan
Anglers Showcase Cabinet Plan

Cabinet includes a rod-holding system for the display cabinet. Other features in the cabinet include lighted glass display shelves and enclosed storage in the cabinet's lower half.