Bookcase Plans

Bookcases can be built with assorted bookcase plans and in sizes according to your various requirements. The goal of building a bookcase is to provide practical storage solutions and a better use of space.

If you haven't built a bookcase before, consider building a simple bookcase that will still fill your storage necessities.

First, decide how large your bookcase needs to be. Figure out the dimensions for the length, height and depth of your bookcase. The entire project will be built using those measurements, so make sure it's exactly what you want and need.

Choose one of these free bookcase plans to help you build a custom shelving piece to fit your needs.

Display Cases

Display Cases

Surprisingly, this bookshelf can be constructed with simple tools you have in your garage. Create a high quality bookshelf for a small price with this design.
Arts and Crafts Style Bookcase

Simple Bookcase

From start to finish this bookcase is easy to put together and build with these easy to follow instructions.
Wall Cubbies

Easy Wall Cubbies

Build these attractive wall cubbies that are great for a kid's or teenager's room. Stackable cubbies can be easily moved around and rearranged.
Freestanding Small Bookcase

Freestanding Bookcase

This is a project for a small freestanding bookcase that has adjustable shelves.
Low Cherry Bookcase

Cherry Bookcase

This cherry wood bookcase is counter height and longer than most bookcases and will give your living area or den a new look.
Oak Bookcase Plans

Oak Bookcase Plans

You can build a strong and sturdy oak bookcase with dovetailing using this project.

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