Adjustable Bookends

Here's a plan that will keep your books upright with no trouble at all. Place your books in the holder and slide the end towards the books.

Window Seat

Your most treasured books will remain upright with this wooden bookend.

Books add great character to any room.   Visit the Miscellaneous Woodworking Plans page for more free plans.

Window Seat Sewing Box Bookends

This adjustable bookend can be built using ordinary materials. First, use a board as the base. Using the groved edges of boards used for flooring, cut out 2 pieces (see C above) and fasten them on top. To the edge of the base piece, attach a stationary end (see A above).

This bookend is 6 inches wide and 19 inches long using material that is 3/4 inches thick.

There are 2 pieces added to the under side of the movable slide (see B above). Cut the 2 pieces from flooring boards, uxing the tongued edges. Piece D (see above) will be used for both a handle and a brace.

The lock (see E above) is made from a bolt that has a square head and a long thread. Bore a hole from the underneath through the brace. Cut out part of the wood to fit the nut. Cut out a square area to allow the square bolt head to fit in the bottom pieces. Then to lock the slide, just screw the nut so that it will push the bolt head up touching the base.