Build A Playhouse

Free woodworking plans for building a simple playhouse. This basic playhouse consists of a frame covered with burlap.

Playhouse Plans

Your children will be proud that they have a playhouse of their own.

Provide a lifetime of cherished memories for you and your children by building this simple playhouse. Visit the Playhouse Plans page for more free plans.

Playhouse Plans
Click on drawing above to bring up full size plans.

Make an inexpensive and large playhouse with these instructions. Never hurts to save money!

Supplies include about 100 ft. of 1 by 1 1/2 inch boards. Saw the pieces as shown in the drawing. If you use iron brackets instead of nails, it will be easier to build the playhouse than if the corners are glued or nailed. Using brackets, your frame will also be more durable.

After finishing the frame, burlap is put the frame on to make the cover. Burlap is pretty inexpensive to purchase and you can buy it in a bright color like red, green or blue. Before attaching the burlap to the frame, turn the edges under so they don't unravel. Fasten the burlap on each section before you hinge the sections together.

For the door, use a section of wire screening and tack the screen to the inside of the door.

Fasten each section together with hinges. Use hinges on the inside of the side wings and on the outside of the 2 front pieces. The playhouse will be able to fold up relatively small using the hinges. And when the playhouse is stood up with the winds swinging back, it is now a little playhouse.