Pros and Cons of Greenhouse Kits

Some folks are real from-scratch DIY types. They enjoy taking on the challenge of designing a project and ferreting out the best prices for the materials they need to assemble it. Then there's another group of DIY craftsmen. They enjoy the building and assembly of a project, but they don't necessarily feel the need to go out and re-invent the wheel. They leave the tough stuff to the professionals and enjoy the fun of constructing and completing a project.

It's the same when it comes to building a greenhouse. You can design a space that's exactly what you want and search out the most cost effective materials and techniques with which to build it. Or, you can purchase a greenhouse kit and not bother running all over the county to purchase building materials.

Regardless of which method you choose, you should research to ensure you're buying products that suits for your needs.

Hoop Greenhouse Kits

Hoop greenhouses can be built with PVC piping or tubular steel and poly film.


This type of building is easy to expand. Just add more hoops and film to increase your square footage.

Construction is simple and easy to complete.

These buildings can be constructed quickly.

Foundation preparation is minimal.


Even though the poly sheeting is UV resistant, it needs to be replaced every four to six years.

Aluminum Greenhouse Kit

Aluminum greenhouse kits are available in many shapes and styles. They may use either glass or polycarbonate coverings. Aluminum is now available in a wide range of colors. Necessary holes are pre-drilled for the builder's convenience.


There are many choices in color, size and style.

The structural styles blend with residential architectural styles and the property landscaping.

The kits are ready to be assembled, and include all the necessary components.


Expansion is difficult with this type of structure.

These kits are generally more expensive than other similar sized types of greenhouse kits.

An aluminum greenhouse requires a stable foundation.

Wooden Greenhouse Kit

A wooden greenhouse kit can be made in many styles and sizes. The price can range from fairly inexpensive to very costly.


Additions are fairly easy to extend the size of your greenhouse.

Wooden structures are fairly easy to build.

Materials are locally available at any home improvement or hardware store.


Wood will rot with the humid conditions of a greenhouse, so pressure treated lumber should be used.

Vegetable growers may want to avoid chemically treated wood, so cedar is a suitable and expensive choice.

PVC Pipe Greenhouse Kit

PVC pipe greenhouse kits are available in many styles and sizes. They are an inexpensive choice for a hobby greenhouse.

Inexpensive building materials for a PVC greenhouse are widely available.

Structures can be made in any size and configuration.

Tools requirements are very minimal.

Construction is simple and almost anyone can master the techniques.


The poly sheeting degrades with sun exposure and must be replaced every four to six years.

Spend some time deciding what you want in a greenhouse and plan out a budget. Then, research what's available and how various options fit within that plan. You may have lofty dreams of a spacious structure, but only have the budget for a small shed. Consider options for adding on to your greenhouse in the future, or plan to save up for more expensive ventilating and watering systems and start your venture with just the basics.