How to Build a Small Greenhouse with PVC Pipe

If you want to build an easy small greenhouse, using PVC pipe is a great economical way to get started.

With PVC, you don't have to be a master craftsman to build your own greenhouse, and you can do it with only basic tools and skills.

You also don't have to spend a fortune to create a waterproof and cozy space for starting early plantings and enjoying your outdoor flowers and vegetables late into the fall season with a PVC pipe greenhouse. Get started with the following chapters:

Choose Your Greenhouse Building Site
Basic Structure
Add Shelves, Counters And Raised Beds
Flooring For Your Greenhouse
Greenhouse Ventilation And Heat

Choose Your Building Site

To create an easy-to-assemble greenhouse, you'll first need to choose where to build your greenhouse. The location of your greenhouse is an important factor. Check for trees, buildings and other impediments that could shade the area. It should be an area that gets a lot of winter sunlight.

A Level Spot

Make sure that the area isn't a low-lying spot that will collect water when it rains. Try to find a place to build that is level or can easily be made level, and that will have good drainage since you will be doing alot of watering. Once you've decided on a spot, level the ground if need by and outline your space with a string line or spray paint.

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