3. Add Shelves, Counters and Raised Beds to a PVC Greenhouse

4. Flooring

1. Choose Your Building Site

2. Basic Structure

3. Add Shelves, Counters and Raised Beds

4. Flooring

5. Greenhouse Ventilation

Add Shelves, Counters and Raised Beds

Once you've completed your framework, it's time to build the interior components of your greenhouse. You'll probably want several types of work areas for different purposes. A sturdy counter is a necessity for potting, and general prep work. You may want shelves, raised beds, racks or even a bench. These interior components can be another DIY project that you design yourself, or you may purchase units from home improvement stores, green house suppliers and large nursery centers. Check out the potting bench plans listed on FreeWW.com for starters.

Flooring For Your Greenhouse

When you've completed your greenhouse, you'll want to lay down a flooring. You can use simple limestone gravel or pea gravel for a fast and easy flooring, or you can use a thick layer of mulch. Do keep in mind that the mulch will decompose and will need to be replenished periodically.

A more costly, but permanent and attractive flooring is pavers or brick. These make a smooth flooring that will last for years and retains a good deal of heat to keep your plants warm and toasty in cooler weather. If you choose pavers or brick, make sure the ground is well compressed and lay down a layer of builder's sand. Set your pavers in place and finish by sweeping builder's sand over the surface to fill in the cracks.

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