Small Greenhouse with PVC Pipe

5. Greenhouse Ventilation

1. Choose Your Building Site

2. Basic Structure

3. Add Shelves, Counters and Raised Beds

4. Flooring

5. Greenhouse Ventilation

Ventilation for Your Greenhouse

Your greenhouse needs a way to let fresh air in and heated air out. This keeps the temperature moderated and promotes air circulation around plants. Ventilation is one of the more important aspects of your greenhouse because it not only regulates the inside temperature but your plans also need fresh air. Pest control also relies on proper ventilation; air flow tends to keep bugs out.

An exhaust fan or just circulation fans work wonders to keep the temperature in the greenhouse down. Your vents can be simple panels that are opened and shut as necessary or an automated system that opens and closes based on humidity or temperature. You can even go with a solar powered unit to avoid the need for electricity in your greenhouse.

This is a basic instructional guide for building a small, PVC pipe greenhouse. We have covered the fundamentals, but have left a lot of the decisions up to you. That's why we don't have every dimension spelled out, nor is every piece of hardware and wood specified. You've probably got an idea for the perfect PVC pipe greenhouse already simmering away in your imagination. Use our guide, your imagination, and make your greenhouse a reality this year. has many greenhouse plans, including some built out of PVC. Other pages that may be of interest when building a greenhouse:

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