Bunk Bed Plans

Free bunk bed plans are available in many styles and designs and are easily customized to fit any room. Bunk beds are great for small rooms, dorms, lofts and cabins. Bunk beds are a project that adds style and storage without breaking the budget.

Built with or without ladders, there are bunk beds designed for every skill level. Choose wood to enhance or compliment the room decor, and a finish that will withstand everyday punishment.

Customize your free bunk bed plans to fit standard or custom bed sizes, using basic tools and woodworking skills. A bunk bed can add space and storage, adapting to a growing family's needs in style.

Bunk beds can have added shelf and desk space, under-bed storage and built-ins to add personality and functionality to any room. Use trim and molding or stenciling and paint to personalize your project.

Wall Mounted Loft Bed

Wall Mounted Loft Bed

Recover lots of space in a small room with this loft bed that has an attached ladder and only one structural post. The key is securing the framework to two walls.


Kids? Stackable Twin Beds

Kids' Stackable Twin Beds

These RH inspired beds can stack to create a contemporary bunk bed, or they can be used individually. Stock 1x4 and 2x4 lumber may be finished with stain and polyurethane for a natural finish or painted in any decorator color.


Convertible Double and Twin Bunk

Convertible Double and Twin Bunk Bed Plans

Build matching double and twin bed frames with construction grade lumber. These beds mount together with metal dowels to create a bunk bed in minutes. The matching ladder can be secured with screws or metal brackets and removed if the beds are used individually.


Kid-Sized Modular Beds Convert To Bunk Beds

Kid-Sized Modular Beds

Smaller sized beds are just the thing for a family with young children. These modular units can be built individually or as a pair. Mount them together for a space-saving bunk bed that's just the right size for little ones. The ladder unit combines the ladder and safety railing for the upper bunk.


Plans For Beds Integrates Ladder For Safety

Bed Integrates Ladder For Safety

Stock lumber and simple tools create an uncomplicated bunk bed that is safe and sturdy. Gently sloped headboard and footboard top slats add a finished look to this simple design.


Dream Cottage Plans For Girls

Dream Cottage Plans For Girls

Twin beds are the basis of this charming cottage that any little girl will love. Create a two-story cottage with windows, shutters and stairs that have bonus storage space.


Kid's John Deere Bunk Plans

Kid's John Deere Bunk Bed Plans

Bedtime won't be a problem when your little one has his own tractor bed waiting for him. This simple design is brightly painted in John Deere colors and features tap light "headlights" for extra fun.


Bunk Bed Plans

Bunk Bed Plans

These bunk bed plans are designed for any of the various bed frames found at your college or university.


More Plans

More Plans

Pictures and material list go along with these free bunk bed plans.