Calendar Plans, Calendar Frames, Date Block Plans

Create a custom frame for a commercial calendar or build an attractive perpetual calendar with free plans for calendars that include step-by-step instructions and materials list.

Another easy project is a set of date blocks that helps you keep track of the day of the month and do double duty as paperweights. These projects use scrap lumber and can be made from clear pine or poplar, as well as exotic hardwoods.

Get the kids involved building a perpetual calendar for grandparents or other loved ones as a memorable Christmas or birthday gift. Help them apply rub-on letter and number decals, or hand paint the blocks for a personalized, artistic touch. Use colorful paint to complete the project, or select stain that blends with the wood pieces in the room. Finish with clear urethane for a durable finish in either gloss or satin coat.

Date Blocks

Date Blocks

These date blocks are built out of two wooden cubes and make excellent gifts, plus they look great on top of a desk.