Plans For Garden Carts, Kitchen Carts, Bar Carts

Anyone who owns a yard or property needs a cart to tote tools and supplies. Build your own durable cart, using free cart plans that are customizable and use basic tools and lumber. Purchase oversize wheels and make your cart easy to maneuver over gravel, lawn or rough terrain.

Multipurpose carts can be customized for different tasks and should be built with exterior grade building materials. All wood should be sealed or painted with primer and exterior paint to prolong the life of the wood.

Construct a portable garden cart workstation for tools and supplies. It also features a box to accommodate a commercial utility tub. This is great for mixing soil, is waterproof and is easy to clean. There is a flat work surface so you can stand while transferring or repotting plants, saving back and knees from aches and pains.

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