Chicken Coop Plans

Building a chicken coop can be a fun project that is as simple a PVC pipe construction with chicken wire or an elaborate house and pen for a whole flock.

Choose the size and style that suits your property and flock. Build a small coop for a few birds or a 20-foot hen house with a hayloft. Diagrams and material lists make the job straightforward and the construction requires simple tools and skills.

Chicken coop plans utilize stock exterior lumber and can be built as sturdy permanent structures or easily moved portable units. Add an outdoor pen with fencing to give your poultry a safe and secure home that is attractive and long lasting. Small, raised enclosures keep birds off the ground for comfort and protection.

Free chicken coop plans are available in many variations and can take an afternoon or a long weekend to build.

Free Chicken Coop Plans

Chicken Coop Plans

Build a strong and sturdy chicken coop that cost little and has lots of room for housing chickens.
Poultry Plans

Five Poultry House Plans

Here are five plans for building poultry houses.
PVC Chicken Coop

Simple PVC Chicken Coop

Make building a chicken coop easy by making it entirely out of PVC pipe.
Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop

Here are eight pages of easy to follow instructions on how to build a chicken coop.
Hen House

A Hen House

This is a project with helpful diagrams for building a 20 x 20 ft hen house that has straw in the loft area.
Shed Roof Poultry House

Sloped Roof Poultry House

Build a strong and sturdy poultry house that has a sloped roof and measures 18 x 30 feet.
Poultry Housing

Poultry Housing

Here are several different styles of housing for ranged chickens.
Victory Poultry House

Poultry House Plans

This project has a list of needed materials and instructions for building a poultry house.
Many Poultry Plans

Choose a Poultry Plan

Pick from nearly 100 poultry plans and find one that best suits your needs.

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