Christmas Yard Decorations to Build

Christmas yard decorations and yard art can easily be fabricated by using simple Christmas shape patterns and plywood.

Various Christmas shapes in basic colors with a few accessories added creates distinctive outdoor accents for your yard. Christmas trees, presents, ornaments and stocking shapes work particulary well.

Begin with a few patterns of basic Christmas shapes. We have some basic Christmas shapes below that you can print out. For presents, just use rectangles or squares. Transfer the shapes to plywood after enlarging them. Using a jigsaw, cut your shapes out of the plywood.

Painting: Since you are using more than one shape to make a grouping, it's best to just use 2 or 3 colors for all the shapes. Red, green and gold look nice and show up well outside. Also gold, silver and white add an elegant touch to your shapes.

Using your main color for each shape, paint both sides of the plywood. If you are using 4 shapes, paint 2 in red and 2 in green.

After the base color is dry, you can add extras to your shapes, like adding ribbon to the presents and stripes to the ornaments.

Stakes: Whatever you use, paint them to match your shape. You can use dowel rod or steel rod (attach with conduit hangers) or wooden stakes. Use 2 of the stakes for each shape.

Extras: Use 3" gold metal bells, stars and outdoor gold ribbon to accessorize your shapes. Bells can be strung on wire and added to the Christmas tree shape as garland. Put a star on top.

Add ribbon to the presents and let the 3" gold, green or red bells hang down as bling for all your shapes. Add some outdoor holly to your ornaments. Visit a craft store and you will find lots of shape accessories that will withstand the weather.

If you would like a PDF of some of the Christmas patterns and shapes below, click here:

Download Christmas Yard Art PDF