Closet Organizer Plans to Build

Closets are often big, empty boxes with a single pole to hang garments. Organize that space with a closet organizer, customized just for you, because you built your closet organizer yourself.

These plans allow the homeowner to design storage space that is perfectly sized for their closet, and contains all the shelves and racks they need to hold an entire wardrobe. Fashion-forward or budget conscious, the variety of styles and materials makes every closet affordable.

Whether for a child, busy teen or couple sharing a single closet, there are designs to fit everyone's lifestyle. These plans are easily adapted to make the most of any closet, whether in a house or apartment. Free and easy-to-use, these closet organizer plans will help arrange the closet clutter in your life. Free closet organizer plans make it simple and easy to do.

Closet Organizer

A Closet Organizer

Keep closets clean and organized by building a closet organizer that fits any closet size with this easy to follow plan.
Closet System

Closet System

Construct a space saving closet organizer for your walk in closet. These building plans allow you to create a high quality piece without the price that usually goes with it.
Design a Closet Organizer

Closet Organizer Plans

Give your closet a complete makeover with extra storage and more using these closet organizer plans.
Build Storage Shelves

Storage Shelves

Create storage where it's needed using this plan for storage cubbies.
Basic Closet Shelving

Closet Shelving

Here is a project for building closet shelving that will provide you with extra storage and help keep your closet clean and organized.
Closet Organizer

Simple Closet Organizer Plans

Make finding shoes, belts and other clothing items easier by creating an organized closet using these closet organizer plans.
Built-in Storage Areas

Storage Areas

Here are step by step instructions along with diagrams to help you build a handy storage area for your home or garage.
Closet Shelving Unit

Closet Shelving Unit

Build this simple shelving unit that works great for storing shoes, sweaters, blankets and more.
Closet Organizer

Closet Organizer Plans with Hamper

Walk into a closet that is clean, organized and looks great by using these closet organizer plans.
shoe rack

Shoe Storage Rack

This wooden shoe rack is great for keeping shoes organized and off the floor and works for all shoe types.
Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack

Build a wooden shoe rack, photos and diagrams included.