Coffee Table Plans

Coffee table plans can be used to make any size or style of coffee table and there are many materials that one can use to create a stylish and unique piece of furniture.

Build a budget table with stock lumber, varnish and urethane that will take the heavy use of a growing family or add style with exotic woods and detail for an elegant, refined look.

Packing crates, driftwood, stock lumber or glass can add a sense of drama and make your coffee table the focal point of your room. Build a table that is modular for versatility or add casters or wheels to make it easily moveable, the choice is yours when you build it yourself.

Free coffee table plans are easily adapted to your personal style and your family's needs.

Make a Modular Coffee Table

Modular Coffee Table

Here are coffee table plans for two identical tables with glass tops. These great looking tables can be placed together to create one attractive table.
A Rustic Coffee Table

A Rustic Coffee Table

This rustic coffee table will be a handsome addition to your family room or den and is easy to build.
Driftwood Coffee Table Plans

Driftwood Coffee Table

Here are coffee table plans for a beautiful one of a kind driftwood coffee table.
Wood Pallet Coffee Table

Wood Pallet Coffee Table

Build this unique coffee table on wheels with a storage area using a wooden pallet and this coffee table plan.
Building a Wooden Coffee Table

Building a Wooden Coffee Table

This coffee table plan will give you all the instructions and tips you need to create an attractive coffee table.
Asian Coffee Table

Asian Coffee Table

This Asian coffee table not only looks great but offers extra storage with an underneath counter and two drawers.
How to make a Coffee Table

Build a Coffee Table

This is a simple and easy project for a standard rectangular coffee table.
Rustic coffee table plan

Rustic Coffee Table

You can build a good looking rustic coffee table with these plans.
Coffee Table

Coffee Table

This beautiful coffee table has somewhat of an oriental style to it. A simple project, yet some designs need to be carefully thought out while creating it.

Make a Wood Pallet Coffee Table

Wood Pallet Coffee Table

Here is a great rustic looking table that will cost very little to make. This table would work well for the livingroom or den, or even the patio.

To make this coffee table, you will need 2 wood pallets, sandpaper and a gloss paint in your color choice. White paint works well with this rustic look.

First, check the pallets for loose nails or staples. Use a nail punch, hammer and pliers to remove them or pound them into the wood below the surface. Sand the surface of the wood with the belt sander and/or rough-grade sandpaper. Then use medium grade sandpaper to remove any splinters that are left.

Now it's ready to paint. Remembering that this is a rustic look, the paint doesn't have to completely cover. Just brush paint on all the wood surfaces.

To finish, stack one pallet on top of the other to form a coffee table. Not only do you now have a "green" coffee table, it can be used outdoors as well.