Decorative Wood Shelf Plans

A decorative shelf is a great place to display a cherished collection or additional storage for knick-knacks and supplies. A seamstress will appreciate a useful shelf to store thread, while a kitchen will benefit from an easy-to-reach coffee mug shelf.

Free decorative shelf plans are an easy way to learn woodworking skills. Easy-to-follow directions make it a perfect project for the kids and are great gift ideas for the holidays.

Various styles of shelves are available, from heart and bow motifs to contemporary and Shaker designs. Choose a style to match your decor, or punch up a wall with a bold accent. Use inexpensive plywood for a painted shelf for children or an exotic hardwood for a collectors display shelf. Customize your shelf plans size to fit your wall space and dress it up with molding or trim.

Bow Shelf

A Bow Shelf

Here are plans for a unique bow shelf. This wooden shelf consists of a flat shelf with the underneath support in the shape of a bow.
Glass Shelving

Glass Shelving

This display shelving design is easy to create, while giving a professional look. The glass supports give this shelf a unique style.
Decorative Shelf

Decorative Shelf

This display niche looks difficult as it's built into the wall, but it can be easily constructed through these plans. Looks great in any modern home.
Shelf Sewing Thread Holder Shelf

Sewing Thread Holder Shelf

Here is a great gift for the seamstress. This thread holder shelf holds 20 spools of thread and keeps them handy and ready to go.
The Mug Holder Shelf

A Mug Holder Shelf

Build this cute mug holder shelf for your kitchen that holds five coffee mugs and has an upper shelf for displaying knick knacks.
Shaker Shelves

Simple Shaker Shelves

Attractive shaker shelves offer a place for knick knacks and pegs to hang hats or coats on. Great for an entryway or mud room.
Three Heart Shelf

Heart Shelf

Simple and easy instructions for an adorable shelf with three pegs and three hearts underneath for support.