Whether you are a skilled finish carpenter or a novice woodworker, there are free desk plans to fit your pocketbook and skill level. There are many styles perfect for a beginner, such as a desk made from a recycled door.

Use simple tools and basic skills to construct a desk from a single sheet of plywood. Wall mounted desks can be customized to fit any space and are great beginner projects.

An advanced woodworker will find free desk plans for classic rolltop desks and classic kneehole designs. Routed drawers and stylish handles, knobs and hinges add a designer touch to any desk.

Select clear pine and finish with stain or paint, or choose beautiful hardwoods to create a future heirloom desk the family will use for years.

Also visit the Computer Desk Page for more desk plans.

Office Desk Plans

Seven Drawer Office Desk

Instructions for building a spacious and attractive office desk that has six side drawers for tons of storage.

Desk/Craft Center

Desk/Craft Center

Expensive office desks at the store may not always fit, but you can easily make a one size fits all office desk with these easy to follow instructions.


Desk Plans

Stylish Credenza

This is a great project for a stylish credenza that is somewhat shallow and works great in a small dining room.

Rolltop Desk Plans

Classic Rolltop Desk

Here is a divided project for a roll top desk. First are the instructions for the desk and then the second part is for the roll top.
Instructions for Desk
Instructions for Roll Top

Writing Bureau Desk

Writing Bureau Desk

Build this writing bureau desk that looks good in most any room and the top can fold up to keep papers and other items out of sight.

Desk Plans

A Home Office

You can build your own home office with desktop, work area, lots of drawers, bookshelves and more; this home office has it all.



Office Desk

Office Desk

A project for an adjustable office desk that is a cinch to build and costs approximately $150.00 to build.

Wall Mounted Desk

A Wall Mounted Desk

This is a great desk for drawing, drafting and writing and is very quick and easy to build.