DIY Dog House Plans - Build a Simple or Insulated Dog House

Dog House Plans

Give your dog a safe place from the outdoor elements and an area he can enjoy just kicking back in by building a dog house. Dogs love having a warm dry place they can call their own.

Pressure treated wood works best for this dog house project but it can be toxic so you might want to use it only on the bottom and roof of the dog house where it won't be chewed on.

Be sure the wood you choose is rot resistant, durable and insect resistant.

Consider insulating the dog house so it is weather proof. Use spray insulation.

Make sure rain and snow can't get in the doghouse. Face the dog house opening to the south or southeast and choose a design that will help block the wind.

Below is a variety of dog house plans to choose from. Keep your dog healthy and happy by building a sturdy dog house.

Dog House Plans:

Dog Shelter

Dog Shelter

Create a unique home for man's best friend with this design. With easy to follow instructions and inexpensive materials, you'll be sure to have a great finished product.