Free DIY Dog Ramp Plans to Build Today

Fido might have the heart of a lion, but legs like a footstool. If your pooch is vertically challenged, give him a boost with a dog ramp or steps to help him negotiate a world that is a bit too tall for his diminutive stature.

Free dog ramp plans are fully customizable, so you can build the size and shape you need. Steps for indoor use can be carpeted to match your home, providing a need luxury for your dog without creating an eyesore.

Build a ramp for your dog to enter a boat or trailer, steps to get into a car or even climb on a couch. Steps can be built with a hinged lid to provide storage for Fido's toys and are simply built of plywood and lumber scraps. Dog ramp plans are handy for aging dogs that may not have the energy they once had, making life a little simpler for your best friend.