Dog House Plans - Page 2

Build a little house just for your dog.  He will thank you for letting him stay free of the elements.

Consider building your dog house on little legs so it's not sitting directly on the cold ground, and adding a hinged roof or back panel for easy cleaning.

Add wood shavings or straw for dry, warm bedding in the doghouse.

Here are some free dog house plans and dog kennel plans.

Build a Dog House

Build a Dog House

No matter what size dog you have, you can adapt the size of this dog house project to suit your pet's needs.
How to Build a Dog Kennel

A Dog Kennel

Easy to follow plans for a dog kennel with two rooms.
Build a Dog House

An Insulated Dog House

Here is a dog house that has a porch area, a roof that is removable. It's also insulated throughout and is inexpensive to build.
Fancy Pet Bed

Wood Framed Pet Bed

Here are easy to follow instructions for building a stylish wood framed pet bed.
Dog Kennel Flooring

Kennel Flooring

This is a project for building the flooring for an above ground kennel.