How to Build a Fence - DIY Fence Plans


To build a fence, start by planning where you want to install the fence. Use a string line to lay it out. When arranging the fence posts, affix the end posts first and then add all the posts in the middle. This way your posts will be nice and orderly.

Use suitable wood for your posts and fencing. If you use pressure treated wood for the fence, make sure it is insect and rot resistant.

Cedar is the most expensive wood to use but it is also most likely the best choice of wood. Cedar has the least shrinkage of fence wood, so it will stay nice and even.

Be sure to build your fence completely on your property. Don't let it extend onto a neighbor's property or a public area.

Using an oil based wood coating on the finished fence will keep your fence looking new. Follow one of the free fence plans below to build your new fence.

Wood Fence Plans

Wood Fence Plans

Building a wooden fence can be made easy when you have detailed instructions along with helpful tips and you can find exactly that with this fence project.