Firewood Storage - Plans for Firewood Storage Shed or Racks

Whether you need a small wooden bin or a multi-purpose storage shed, there are free plans for firewood storage that suit every need. Build a hinged, lidded box to sit next to the back door or a shed to hold yard tools, gardening supplies and a years worth of cordwood.

Customize your plans to suit your home and lifestyle. An open shed is great for rural settings, while a cottage-shaped building adds eye appeal to a suburban landscape.

Small, open racks are a quick and easy weekend project, while a multi-purpose shed is a great project to involve the entire family.

Select firewood storage plans that reflect your home's style, while providing you with low-cost, easy-to-use instructions and tips that are great for novice woodworkers or seasoned experts. Add finishing touches to reflect the style and colors of your home for a custom look that can save you thousands of dollars.

Firewood Storage