Garage Workbench Plans

Create a work area whether you have an oversized garage enough space for a mini-workshop or a small garage that only fits your car and little else. Free garage workbench plans give the DIY craftsman lots of choices at a reasonable price.

If you are short on space, a fold-up workbench can be used when the car is out of the garage. A workbench that is supported with wall mounted braces eliminates legs. Pull the car right up to it and tuck the hood underneath it for extremely small spaces.

Build a garage workbench with common materials and tools for an economical workshop you can customize to fit your space. Add shelves, drawers or cupboards for added storage and organizing your tools. A rack mounted under the bench is handy for lumber storage.

Most garage workbenches are made from solid wood. But workbenches may also be made from plywood and Masonite or hardboard, and bases of treated pine or steel. Build an affordable garage workbench from one of the free plans below.

Folding Workbenches
Mobile and Portable Workbenches
Full size Workbenches
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Workbench Plans

Workbench Plans

Plans for a workbench that was featured in Fine Woodworking. In AutoCad format.
Simple Workbench Plans

Simple Workbench

This workbench is inexpensive to build, yet gives you a solid and strong work surface.
A Cheap And Sturdy Work Bench

A Basic Work Bench

Instructions on how to build a basic workbench for around twenty dollars.
Cheap, Sturdy Workbench

Sturdy Workbench

This is a plan for a workbench with strong reinforced legs and a dense work surface.
Simple home shop workbench

Shop Workbench

Build a workbench that has a large work surface and added storage for tools and other shop items. Newsletter Sign UpNewsletter Sign-Up


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