Most musicians do not build their own instruments, but if you are a woodworking musician, you may want to use those nimble fingers to build an acoustic or electric guitar, using free guitar plans.

Build an acoustic guitar, archtop, jazz or classic folk guitar with free guitar plans. Choose your favorite woods to customize your instrument, adding your own special decorations and inlays to make it truly a one-of-a-kind piece.

Looking for a real challenge? There are even step-by-step instructions and photographs to help you build a Popsicle stick guitar that is amazing.

Or build an Ipomoea. This small, modern steel string guitar has an offset sound hole and one of the few of its kind to have a completely removable bolt-on neck.

Building these guitars take skill and patience, but are wonderful projects you will be proud to display and use for years.

You will find electric guitar plans on page 2.

Guitar Plans

Classic Folk Guitar

This is a step by step plan for building your own acoustic guitar.
Acoustic Bass Guitar Plans

Acoustic Bass Guitar

The Tinozza is an acoustic bass guitar that features orchestral strings and an unusual bridge.
Guitar Plans

8 Guitar Plans

Most of these 8 plans are older, with one exception. These are all Japanese drawings of guitars.

Elastico Acoustic Bass

This is an acoustic Ashbory style bass, with rubber strings. Construction is basically the same as a flattop guitar.


Jazz Guitar

Easy to download plan for an attractive jazz guitar.
Ipomoea Acoustic Guitar Plans

Ipomoea Acoustic Guitar

Build this small acoustic guitar that has a removable neck using this plan.
3 Acoustic Guitar Plans

3 Acoustic Guitar Plans

Here are three plans for acoustic guitars all with detailed instructions and a list of needed materials.

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