Children's Bed Plans

Every child wants his own special bed. Free children's bed plans make a weekend project that will be appreciated and remembered for years.

After selecting a style to blend with the room's decor, choose woods that will be strong and hardwearing. Choose a finish that will withstand years of wear and tear with little maintenance. Modern finishes provide a safe, durable surface that is easy-to-clean.

Free children's bed plans are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. From a princess poster bed to a rough and tumble trundle bed, there are designs for every skill level and budget. Many designs can be adapted to fit different mattress and room sizes. Stencil the child's name on the headboard for extra hugs and smiles.

Get the kids involved with the project and they will begin learning a skill and value their new bed even more.

These are the kid's beds that don't belong in any other category. For kids, also check out the bunk bed plans, loft bed plans and crib plans.

Twin Bed with Storage

Twin Bed with Storage

Here is a project for creating a twin bed that offers a storage area with sliding doors underneath. Great for small bedrooms where space is limited.