Free DIY Kid's Bed Plans

Free kids' bed plans are versatile, and you'll find the perfect design to blend in with your decor and family needs. From simple post beds to fine furniture plans, there's a project for every skill level and style.

Building a bed for your child is a special project for both of you. Allowing your child to help with the building - from going to the lumberyard and picking out the wood to sanding and picking out new sheets, is a special way to build memories that will last a lifetime.

Pencil Post Bed

Build the perfect pencil post bed with these instructions.

Scandinavian Kid's Bed

Build this attractive kid's bed out of MDF, using these step by step plans.

Toddler Bed Plans

Here are step by step plans along with diagrams to help you build this simple toddler bed.

Kid's Boat Bed

Vintage plans for a boat shaped bed with storage underneath.

Kid's Bed

Step by step instructions to build a kid's bed. This bed can be used from the time they are born till they are at least teenagers. Crib rails detach.

Kids’ Room Window Seat

Build this comfy window seat for your child that has ample storage and a handy work surface.