Free DIY Piano Bench Plans

A piano bench is a good alternative for all kinds of casual seating. Built of fine woods, it can be used in a foyer or stand at a piano. Also a piano bench is a good alternative for family room and playroom seating.

Piano bench plans are great to add moveable seating for the patio or deck. Use teak or redwood for years of enjoyment and finish with water-based exterior stain to protect the wood from the elements.

Piano bench plans are adaptable to fit most spaces and can be raised or lowered to accommodate the intended users. Further customize your bench with your choice of wood and finish. It can blend with any decor or add an unexpected jolt of color when painted of durable acrylic paints.

The Storage Seat

The Storage Seat - Piano Bench Plans

Here is a project for a sturdy wooden piano bench that has a seat designed to open, revealing an area for storing sheet music.