Saw Horse Plans - Easy and Quick to Build

Building a sawhorse is a pretty simple process and doesn't take alot of time.  Here are some free sawhorse plans to help you build one.


So Simple Saw Horse Plans

Easy to build saw horse made from 24 feet of straight 2 X 4 lumber.

Saw Horse with Replaceable Inserts

A Classic Sawhorse

Use this saw horse plan to build a sawhorse that is strong, sturdy and also attractive.
Foldaway Vise Table & Sawhorse

Stacking Saw Horse Plans

Build more than one of these saw horses that can be stacked & easily stored.
Workshop Sawhorses

Light Weight Saw Horse

Easily build saw horse that is light in weight yet very sturdy.
Tool Tote Sawhorses

Low Standing Saw Horse

Here is a project for saw horse that works great for a small work shop.