Shelf Plans - Amazing Plans for Wall Shelves, Bathroom Shelves

Shelves add storage and style to any room and designs, shapes and sizes are almost limitless. Simple floating shelves or advanced multi-shelf units with doors are used in every room, from kitchen to bathroom or bedroom.

Use teak or redwood to create shelving for patios or decks. Shelves can be a simple beginner's project or use advanced carpentry skills.

Stock hardware is used to mount contemporary, utilitarian shelves, while decorative woodworking pieces are used for some advanced free shelf plans. Use MDF and paint for sturdy shelves for the kids or beautiful hardwoods to make a shelving unit for cherished collections. Add trim and molding to give style and elegance to a simple shelf.

Free shelf plans are available with loads of tips and instruction, making them perfect as a family project or a way to brush up on skills and acquire new proficiency.

Tank Heaven

Tank Heaven

This bathroom shelf unit has three shelves and is designed to be hung on the wall over the toilet.