The Best Free DIY Squirrel Feeder Plans

Free plans for squirrel feeders are easy, requiring only basic tools and scrap lumber to create a simple device for your furry, backyard friends. Add some cracked corn or an ear of feed corn and watch your little neighbors gobble down a free meal.

Choose a tree-mounted unit, or mount it on a garage or shed wall. Use CCA lumber or deck planks for long life and durability.

Use galvanized fasteners, as rain and snow will rust standard screws and nails. Cedar or redwood scraps are other good materials to use for your feeder.

Plans for squirrel feeders are great projects for the entire family. The kids will love building an al fresco dining room for their little friends and learn simple woodworking skills at the same time. This would be a fun gift for them to present to grandma and grandpa for Christmas or other holiday.