Free DIY Trash Can Holder Plans

Build a corral for your garbage cans with free trash can holder plans. These plans are simple to build and are great as beginning woodworking projects. Select a plan that suits your needs and customize it to hold all your trash receptacles.

Paint or stain your project to blend with your home's exterior finish for a safe and effective solution that won't be an eyesore. Choose a whimsical plan that looks like a wishing well or use a latticework plan to add eye appeal.

Recycling centers are popular. Using the simple plans provided, build a station to hold plastic bins that makes sorting fast and easy. Another unit combines the security of rubbish storage with the convenience of a woodbin. This multipurpose lean-to conceals trash and fireplace wood in one secure and waterproof unit.

Wishing Well Trash Can Holder

Wishing Well Trash Can Holder

This single trash can holder can also make an attractive yard ornament. And if your wishing well is ever not needed as a trash can holder, it can be used as a flower planter or just a wishing well.