Table Top Wine Rack Plans

Building a wine rack can be an easy and enjoyable project. And you can build a wine rack for less than half the cost of buying one.

Figure out the size and height of the wine rack you want to build. The best design is one that will hold the wine bottles horizontally and will contain most of the wine bottle inside the wine rack.

Choose from many free table top wine rack plans below including countertop wine racks and stackable wine racks and more.

Stackable Wine Rack

Display your favorite wines by building this stackable wine rack.
Wine Cabinet

Wine Cabinet

A perfect accessory for any modern home, this compact wine storage cabinet fits anywhere inside your kitchen. It also fits a compact wine chiller to keep your wine cool and tasty.

Countertop Wine Rack

Nice looking wooden wine rack that holds 12 bottles of wine. This is a great project that is easy to expand.

Wine Rack Plans

This wine rack holds 8 wine bottles and has an attractive classic design.

Wine Rack

Here is a handsome wine rack that is 32 inches wide and houses 13 bottles of wine and your favorite wine glasses.
Balancing Wine Bottle Stands

Balancing Wine Bottle Stands

This is more of a unique item then a rack. Great as a gift or craft show idea, this balancing wine bottle defies gravity.
Handcrafted Wine Rack

Handcrafted Wine Rack

This tall wine rack would work either on your countertop secured to the wall, or on the floor.