Workbench Plans - Garage Workbench Plans, Folding Workbench Plans

Using free workbench plans, design your workbench for maximum convenience and you'll never be sorry. Keep your tools within reach and build the workbench at a comfortable working height for you.

We have a multitude of workbenches including folding, portable, garage and full size workbenches. The workbench plans range from simple flat surfaces to very complex designs.

More Workbenches:

Mobile and Portable Workbench Plans
Full size Workbench Plans
Garage Workbench Plans

Besides building your workbench at a good height for you, you will probably want some method for holding the work in place at a convenient position and height so that you are free to use both hands on the tools.

Folding Workbench Plans

These workbenches will fold out of your way when necessary. They are great for small spaces or for a garage.

One-Wall Workshop

One-Wall Workshop

This is a great project for when your workshop is in your garage. Here is a plan for a workshop that takes up one wall with tons of storage and counter top space.