Free Plans for Full Size / Workshop Workbenches

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Large full size and workshop workbench plans continued from the previous page. Use the menu below to find exactly the type of workbench you are looking for.  There are also 4 pages of workbenches in the Garage Workbench Plans section.

Folding Workbenches
Mobile and Portable Workbenches
Full size Workbenches
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Full Size / Workshop Workbench Plans

I-beam Work Island

This sturdy shop table is strong, and offers loads of storage. Add casters and it can serve as a movable work island.
Workshop Tools Plans

Workshop Tools Plans

Here are fourteen different plans for making tools for the workshop.
Folding Worktable

Folding Worktable

If space in your workshop is limited then this folding work table is for you. This strong and sturdy table easily folds up and out of the way.