Workshop Accessory Plans

There are tons of accessories you probably want for your workshop. Sure, you can go to the building supply store and max out your credit card, or you can have fun and build custom stands, jigs, cases and guides with free workshop accessory plans.

The nice thing about building your own accessories is that you can customize them to fit your workshop and style. Gauges, tables, fences and rails are all easy to build.

Stands and workstations can have simple lines or have loads of storage incorporated into the design.

Small clamps, sanding blocks and a sliding square are great for beginners to practice their skills. Specialty items, like a sheet metal cutter requires no woodworking skills. Free workshop accessory plans make your shop neater and more efficient, without putting a dent in your wallet.

Here is all the workshop plans that don't fit into another category. Items like sanding blocks and drill press fences that you might want to build for your shop.