Loft Bed Plans - So Many Cute Loft Bed Plans

Loft bed plans allow a child or student have the space and comfort they need without a huge expense. When a bedroom is too small, there is no way to build out. However, you can certainly build up to add space, storage and style.

A loft bed is great for a dorm, small bedroom or cabin. Cramped quarters are a thing of the past when the bed is high above the rest of the room. Now there is space for a desk, chair and a bookcase.

Use free loft bed plans in dimensions made specifically for your mattress size and room measurements.

Customize the plans to include shelving, storage, desk or built-ins. A built-in or separate ladder is up to you, with the imaginative and stylish designs that are available. Choose stains and paints to customize your loft bed and bring style to your sleeping space.

Loft Bed Plans

Loft Bed Plans by Woodgears

If you have the head room, this plan will show you how to use plywood and stock lumber to build a loft in one end of a room for use as a platform for your bed, which in turn frees up much needed floor space.

Woodgears has many pictures and step by step instructions, plus a link on how to build the ladder. You can't go wrong when using this beginner-friendly woodworking plan.

Fire Department Loft Bed

Ana White's Fire Station Loft Bed Plans

Make the most of a child's bedroom space by creating this fire station playhouse that features a loft bed the kids will love.

Everything you need to build this loft bed is right here including a link to Pottery Barn which inspired this bed. Not only will this loft bed be great for bedtime, it will also feed your child's imagination. Make bedtime fun-time.

Fire Department Loft Bed

Country Cottage Loft Bed Plans by Ana White

Ana White will get you started on this sweet creation of a country store or a Swiss chalet loft bed. Use paint and your child's imagination to create a bed your little one is sure to love.

Using this plan, you will have all the required instructions and supplies to build a fantasy bed your child will have hours of fun in. Make sweet dreams for your child starting now.

Fire Department Loft Bed

Renovation Headquarters Loft Bed Plans with Desk

This space saving design by Renovation Headquarters unites a loft bed and a desk to get the most use of a small area. Using the corner of a room saves time and lumber costs when constructing this bed.

Easy to follow step by step plan with diagrams to help you build a loft bed designed to be moved if necessary but also designed to become a permanent piece when attached to the walls.

 Bed Playhouse

Ana White's Play House Loft Bed Plans

Ana White will help you make your child's bedtime a fantasy place with this playhouse loft that's perfect for boys or girls with just a quick color adjustment.

The plan comes complete with a list of required materials and detailed instructions. Building a playhouse bed is easier than you think. It's a big project but well worth the time and effort.

Simple Loft Bed Plans

How to Build a Loft Bed by Ana White

Here is yet another Ana White plan for a loft bed with a large shelving area at one end and ample shelving underneath. If you need to free up floor space in your child's room in addition to creating extra storage, this is the plan for you.

The plan includes guardrails and a ladder and is designed to be disassembled making it easy to transport to another location.

Standard Size

The Design Confidential Low Loft Bed Plans

This loft bed plan by Design Confidential has variations for toddler, twin and full mattresses, and the simple design can be painted or stained to match your decor. It's easy to build and easy on the wallet.

Bookcase, Desk And Loft Combo

Loft Bed Plans with Desk by HGTV

Free up additional floor space in your child's room using this loft bed plan. The space-saving bed is accompanied by a desk, a bookcase and a stair case, making this set-up a student's dream.

This plan comes complete with a detailed material list and step by step instructions plus illustrative photos. Give your child a study haven and a cool place to sleep all from HGTV.

Build A  Bed With Storage

Instructable's Loft Bed Plan

If you need a place to hang your clothes and to sleep, then look no further. Here is a loft bed designed with a place to hang clothes underneath, making a small room workable.

Using scrap lumber, this bi-functional bed can be built for under $20.00. The plan gives you all the instructions required to get the job done.

Build A  Bed With Storage

Loft Bed Plans with Bookshelves and Ladder by Instructables

Kid's love loft beds and this one is no exception. The bed is designed with bookshelves for storage, a ladder and an option for a desk. You can build it to look like a floating cloud if desired. Either way this loft bed gives your kid's bedroom additional storage and a place to have sweet dreams.

Diagrams, photos and complete instructions make this plan from Instructables easy to follow so that your child can sleep up in the clouds.

Build A  Bed With Storage

Instructables Presents the Micro-Bus Bed and Playhouse

Get your groove on by building this cool 1960's VW Microbus loft bed. The design of this bed gives your child a groovy play area inside the bus and a loft bed on the top. The cost of building this bed yourself will save you big bucks.

Plywood and some hardware come together to make this retro bed and playhouse. Spur your child's imagination with this VW Microbus loft bed from Instructables that he or she will love.

Build In A Day

Loft Bed Plans by Instructables

Need a loft bed quick? This plan is for a loft bed with a bookshelf that can be built in a single afternoon with some stick-to-it-ness.

This loft bed can be stained or painted and the attached bookshelf doubles as a nightstand. This plan has all you need to get the job done and have a loft bed built before bedtime.

Loft Bed or Bunk Bed Plans

Handymanwire's Bunk Bed or Loft Bed Plans

This plan by Handymanwire will help create an inexpensive bunk bed that is strong and sturdy and easy to build. Great for a dorm room or a kid's bedroom and opens up much needed room.

Take time to read through the directions for building and diagrams and get started on building your own bunk or loft bed for much less than a purchased loft bed.