Loft Bed Plans

Loft bed plans allow a child or student have the space and comfort they need without a huge expense. When a bedroom is too small, there is no way to build out. However, you can certainly build up to add space, storage and style.

A loft bed is great for a dorm, small bedroom or cabin. Cramped quarters are a thing of the past when the bed is high above the rest of the room. Now there is space for a desk, chair and a bookcase.

Use free loft bed plans in dimensions made specifically for your mattress size and room measurements.

Customize the plans to include shelving, storage, desk or built-ins. A built-in or separate ladder is up to you, with the imaginative and stylish designs that are available. Choose stains and paints to customize your loft bed and bring style to your sleeping space.

Free Loft Plans

Loft Bed Plans

If you have the headroom, use plywood and stock lumber to build a loft in one end of a room for use as a platform for your bed.
Children's Fire Department Loft Bed Plans

Fire Department Loft Bed

Make the most of your space by creating a fire station playhouse that features a loft bed the kids will love. Make bedtime fun time.
Free Children's Country Cottage Loft Bed Plans

Country Cottage Loft Bed Plans

This cute cottage can be a dream house, country store or a Swiss chalet. Use paint and your child's imagination to create a bed she's sure to love.
Corner Loft Bed And Desk Plan

Corner Loft Bed and Desk Plan

Using the corner of a room saves time and lumber costs when constructing this bed. This design incorporates a desk to get the most use of a small space.
Kids' Loft Bed Playhouse Plans

Bed Playhouse

Make bedtime a good thing with this playhouse loft that's perfect for boys or girls with just a quick color adjustment.
Free Simple Loft Bed Plans

Simple Loft Bed Plans

This simple plan includes guardrails, a ladder, and it can be disassembled easily to transport it to a new location.
Standard Size Loft Bed Plans

Standard Size

This plan has variations for toddler, twin and full mattresses, and the simple design can be painted or stained to match your decor.
Bookcase, Desk And Loft Bed Combo

Bookcase, Desk And Loft Combo

This is a simple plan to build a loft bed and desk combination with bookcases. A built in staircase makes it easy for little ones to climb into bed.
Build A Loft Bed With Storage

Build A Bed With Storage

If you're short on closet space, this loft bed can do double duty as a convenient hanging closet.

Free Loft Bed With Play Alcove Plans

Bed With Play Alcove

This jumbo-sized bed has plenty of space for sleeping and has a fun rope ladder for climbing.
Build A Loft In The Clouds With A Bookcase Ladder

Build A Loft In The Clouds

Your daughter will love her loft in the sky. You'll love it for all the additional bookcase space she'll have to keep things organized.
Free Retro VW Van Loft Bed Plan

Retro VW Van Loft Bed Plan

Flashback to the 60's with this groovy VW Microbus loft bed. Authentic Volkswagen accessories make this loft one cool ride.
Build In A Day Simple Loft Bed Plan

Build In A Day

This extremely simple loft bed is perfect for an older child or adult. The attached bookshelf is perfect for use as a nightstand.
Free My First Loft Bed Plans

The Perfect Height

This low bed is the perfect height for little ones. Add a play table and toy trunk underneath and your little darling will have a special place that's just the right size.
Loft Bed

Simple Loft Bed

Free up floor space and create a fun retreat for any kid by building a loft bed.
How to Construct a Loft Bed

How to Build a Loft Bed

Some basic instructions for building a bed with a few diagrams.
Loft Bed or Bunk Bed Plans

Loft Bed or Bunk Bed Plans

These bunk bed plans can easily be modified to be a loft bed with a desk underneath.

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